3 Creative Ways to Keep Your Team Connected

May 01 2020

If you and your team are working from home, by now you’re probably starting to feel a bit isolated and stir crazy. We certainly are! Staying connected is more important than ever, so if you’re tired of having Zoom meetings as the only time you get to “see” your colleagues, check out these creative ideas to help keep your team close and connected.

1. Trivia Sessions
Send out an invite for a group trivia session. You can specify teams or let everyone play individually. We designate a different person to ask the questions for each session. Awarding prizes for the winner (or winning team) makes it even more fun and competitive. Gift cards for Uber Eats or Amazon have been favorites with our team.

2. Drive Through Lunch Parties
We pulled this idea from a client of ours who had the great idea of setting up a drive through lunch for employees. They paid for catered food from a local restaurant and set up their own drive through window in their office parking lot where employees could put in an order from a safe distance and then drive through and pick up a plate of food—all served by masked and gloved members of the leadership team. Then employees all parked and ate lunch in their cars with the windows rolled down.

3. Happy Hour
Take time out to have a drink and a chat with your team. Encourage everyone to bring their favorite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and explain why they love that particular beverage. Make a point not to talk about work related things. We like to take turns choosing a question to ask each other that helps us all get to know people a little better. We might ask things like, “What is one thing you absolutely couldn’t live without?” or “What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?” Questions like these usually spark some great discussions and stories, and they bring out a lot of smiles and team spirit as we learn interesting things about each other.

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