4 Reasons Why Hiring a Veteran is a Smart Move

Nov 10 2016

American FlagIn honor of Veterans Day this Friday, there is no better time to mention the admiration we have for our brave men and women in the military. We are grateful for their service and sacrifice, and we acknowledge that their willingness to risk their lives for our country makes them everyday heroes, not just Veterans Day heroes. We’ve worked with many active and retired members of the military and can say firsthand what hardworking, dedicated, and dynamic employees they make. Your next great hire may be easier to find than you might think. Here are 4 reasons why a member of the armed forces will make a fantastic addition to your team:

1. Work Ethic
Your ideal employee undoubtedly needs to check off multiple boxes on your hiring check-list, but ‘work ethic’ is rarely listed in the requirements section of a job description. Are you looking for someone who has great judgement and is responsible and trustworthy? Someone who you can give a task to and not worry if it will be done well? These are traits that are ingrained in most military personnel and we’ve found this to be obvious in interviews as well. Military members demonstrate an amazing work ethic.

2. Leadership Skills
Whether you’re looking to hire someone on the assembly room floor or someone in the corporate office, veterans consistently demonstrate strong leadership skills. They understand a chain of command, they speak confidently, and they know the value of working in a structured environment.

3. Respectful
When we interview veterans they typically demonstrate a level of respect that is a bit uncommon these days. Whether it’s punctuality, keeping their workspace clean, standing up to greet you, or offering a firm, confident handshake, military personnel will not waste your time.

4. Team Player
Your office culture says a lot about what kind of employees will be a good fit. Veterans are accustomed to working in a very team-oriented atmosphere and the mentality that comes with being a team player is well ingrained. They will step up to help a colleague, “take one for the team,” and offer to do tough jobs regardless of whether they’ll gain anything in return.

Do you know someone who has recently retired from the military and is beginning a job search? If so, direct them to our blog, Resume Tips for Veterans Beginning a Civilian Job Search.

Happy Hiring!


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