4 Things to Consider When Hiring Millennials

Jul 27 2015

You’ve heard a lot of rumors about working with Millennials, but what things should you really be prepared for and how does your hiring process need to change to evolve with the times? Generation “Y” is very different, so here are a few things to watch out for as you begin to integrate Millennials into your team:


1. How strong is their attention to detail?
It’s no secret that Millennials are technologically spoiled, with tools to check spelling and grammar in practically everything they type. If your candidate boasts a fancy degree and has typos in his resume, there is really no excuse for this. It shows a lack of thoroughness and attention to detail.

2. Do you have to chase them?
You shouldn’t have to constantly call your candidate and beg for her attention. This is a sign of disrespect and shows a lack of interest in the position. Communication should be prompt whether it’s a returned phone call or email. If she wants the job, she should be smart enough to demonstrate the sense of urgency that goes with showing she’s excited to be considered for a role with your company.

3. How strong are their communication and social skills?
The internet keeps the world connected, but sometimes Millennials forget that you don’t write an email to a client like you would text a friend to discuss your plans for the weekend. Social and communication skills are an important part of the hiring process, and Millennials can be a little “challenged” in these areas. Ask your candidate questions about his communication style. For example, asking what he’d do to resolve a conflict with a coworker, or how he’d respond to a client to solve a common problem is a great way to get an idea if he knows how to speak to people in a polished and professional way.

4. Did they ask smart questions?
Millennials have access to all of the information they could possibly need at any given time. There is no excuse for showing a lack of interest in your job. If you’re interviewing a candidate who doesn’t take the initiative to prepare a few questions to ask you at the end of the interview, move on to the next person.

As Generation “Y” enters the work force and woos you with fancy degrees, technology savviness, and super-human ability to multi-task—don’t forget that they also need to demonstrate excellent judgment, basic professional skills, and the ability to work well independently. As a hiring manager, determining some of these things now will save you a big headache later.




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