4 Quick Tips to Find Great Candidates on Linkedin

Aug 17 2015

LinkedIn connects people—plain and simple. And it’s a great tool to use when trying to determine if you should pursue a candidate. Here are 4 quick tips for using LinkedIn to find your next rock star employee:


1. Strengthen your profile and connections
If you’re a hiring manager or executive and your profile has been a bit neglected, now is the time to update it. If you’re an HR manager or C-Level executive with 75 LinkedIn connections, it’s time to up your game. If you’re in a position of control and power at a company, your LinkedIn profile should reflect that status. If you find your profile needs a little work, start small with an updated photo and explanation of your current role. Try to make smart connections.

2. Utilize your existing network
If you’re looking to add a new member to your team, the best place to start is by asking people you already know (and trust) if they could recommend someone. Send out a few networking messages to some of your best professional contacts. Maybe the HR manager at your favorite client or the CEO of another local company that you’ve done business with. Great people tend to know other awesome people and a referral is the ideal way to find your next employee.

3. Update your status
If you’re looking to become more active on LinkedIn, a great way to start is by adding regular status updates on your page. These will be seen by people in your network and it’s a great way to get your name circulating. Post an article that you enjoyed or a quote that you find inspiring. You can also take it a step farther and post a few sentences about your job opening. Something like, “Hello friends! A great opportunity has just opened up in my department at Company X. If you know anyone with a marketing/client management/customer service background who is looking for a new opportunity, I’d love to talk to them. Resumes or inquires can be sent to me at: [email protected]. Have a great week!”

4. Create a compelling company page 
If you went to your company’s LinkedIn page, what would your first impression be? Just as you probably checked out your candidate’s LinkedIn profile as soon as you saw their resume, they probably went to your company’s website and LinkedIn page to see what kinds of things you’ve been up to lately. If these sites are not up-to-date it can give a bad impression and you certainly don’t want that! If you know you’re in hiring mode, get together with the right people to make sure there is fresh and accurate content on your company LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn is a great tool and when used wisely it can be very effective at helping recruit great people. Your company’s LinkedIn page can also make potential employees seek out different opportunities with your company when you’re not hiring, because you’ve positioned yourself as a leader in your industry. Then when the time comes to fill that job you’ll have a pool of candidates ready to apply.


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