The Power of a Successful First Day

Sep 09 2015

The hard part is behind you. You’ve already found and hired a great employee. Now it’s time to plan ahead, get organized, and set her up for success. Creating a welcoming environment on the first day shows you consider her a valuable asset to the team and you care enough to put a little thought into preparing for her. Here are 5 steps to help you get off to a great start with your new hire and ensure she has successful first day: 

#1: Be there when she arrives
Do everything in your power to be in the office on her first day of work. If this means rescheduling a breakfast meeting or changing your morning routine, this is the time to do it. If you can’t be in the office when she arrives, speak to the rest of your team and make sure someone will be ready to welcome her. The worst thing that can happen is for her to arrive, find that you’re not there and the receptionist has never heard of her. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot…

#2: Have a designated space ready for her
Plan ahead and determine where she’ll be sitting, what kind technology needs she’ll have, and what kinds of supplies might be good to have at her desk. Please don’t be the manager who has to find a place for her to sit while she watches—awkward! Do your best to have her desk, computer, and phone set up when she arrives. What kinds of things might be useful to have at her desk? Pens, notebooks, and a calculator are a good start.

#3: Give an office tour and introduce her to the team
Take a few minutes and show her around the office. Cover important things like the bathrooms, break room, and your office. Introduce her to the rest of the team—especially the people who she’ll be working closely with on a regular basis. In a new, unfamiliar environment, this will instantly help her feel more at ease.

#4: Have a training plan created
This part takes the most time, but it’s worth the effort. Put together a training plan for her first few days and weeks on the job. What are some of her first goals? Who does she go to with questions? Who’s teaching her how to use your database or set up her email and voicemail? Scheduling different training sessions with people in your office will help her meet the team and get up to speed on software and projects.

#5: Map out who’s eating lunch with her during the first week
It’s customary for your boss to take you to lunch on your first day, but if for whatever reason that’s not possible, ask other members of your team to help out. There’s nothing worse than eating lunch in the break room by yourself on your first day. If you can, map out a lunch schedule for the first week where different team members will take her to lunch on a different day.

Your new hire worked hard to make a great impression on you, and that’s why she got the job. Now it’s your turn. Taking a few steps to show how her success is important to you will pay off and you’ll set a strong foundation for a great working relationship.

Happy Hiring!


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