A Hiring Checklist that Will Save You Time & Money

Jun 21 2018

hiring checklistHiring is a challenge because there is typically a high sense of urgency, combined with a low number of applicants who are a fit from both a qualifications and cultural perspective. Before you jump in to the deep end of costly job boards and mediocre results, educate yourself. We’ve made that easier for you with a hiring checklist to help you see more successful results from your next search:

1. Define your hiring process.
From application to offer letter, it’s important to have a documented hiring process that is consistent and holistic. This will ensure that you thoroughly evaluate applicants, treat them fairly, and don’t overlook critical steps.

2. Pick the right place to post your job.
While it can be tempting to “post and see what happens” this approach usually yields a high volume of unqualified applicants. Before you know it, you’ve wasted several weeks, and you have little to show for it. So, before you get started it’s important to do your research, know your target market, and outline your budget. Not all job boards are created equal and it’s important to pick the one that has the highest concentration of people who are in jobs that are relevant.

3. Know your budget for salary.
What can you afford to pay and is it competitive? These are critical questions to answer up front, before you kick off your search. If you’re paying below the average, you’ll need to think about areas that you are willing to compromise on when it comes to skills and experience.

4. Outline your hook and perks.
Why would a stellar candidate want to work for you? With more companies offering perks like casual dress, free food, generous insurance stipends, and even unlimited PTO—people are coming to expect more than a paycheck from their employer. It’s critical that you’re able to articulate what makes your company a great place to work, what sets you apart from your competition, and what makes your employees want to stick around.

5. Define who you are as a company and where you are going.
Once you know how to hook candidates, it’s important to be able to identify whether applicants are a culture fit for you. Start by examining traits that some of your best employees share. Then, think about where you want to go and what kinds of personalities and skill sets you need to get there. One way to evaluate culture fit with potential employees is to ask behavioral and situational questions. These questions start with, “Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of…”

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