Coronavirus Response Policy

Mar 17 2020

virus strainIn light of recent developments with Coronavirus (Covid-19), we’ve put this policy together for several of our clients and wanted to share it in the event that it can be helpful to other business owners.

Company Coronavirus Response Policy
Effective 3/16/20 until further notice

While most of our employees are generally healthy and don’t meet the profile of people who are vulnerable to the virus, we want to help slow the spread of the disease to those in our broader community who are most at risk. To that end, we are implementing the following temporary policy:

1. All employees who can do their work with a computer, video conferencing and/or telephone, and Acceptable Childcare (the “Work-from-Home Eligible Employees”) are expected to work from home the week of 3/16.

2. Work-from-Home Eligible Employees who already have the necessary phone and computing equipment (including VPN access to COMPANY’s systems) should not come into the office until further notice.

3. Work-from-Home Eligible Employees who do not have the necessary phone and computing equipment will need to come into the office to pick up their computers and/or telephones on Monday 3/16 according to the “Office Schedule” below:

• Last Names A through F 8:30-9:15
• Last Names G through M 9:30-10:15
• Last Names N through S 10:30-11:15
• Last Names T through Z 11:30-12:15

4. Senior Leaders have worked with [CONTACT NAME] to set up the necessary equipment for all Work-from-Home Eligible Employees who do not already have remote access. If you have any problems with your technology during this period, please submit a request to [CONTACT NAME]. [CONTACT NAME] will be working with TECH SUPPORT to prioritize tickets and make sure all Work-from-Home Eligible Employees have what they need as quickly as possible.

5. We recognize the some otherwise Eligible Employees will have childcare needs due to school and daycare closings and will need to have Acceptable Childcare. Acceptable Childcare is defined as “adult supervision of any children in the home who are younger than 10 years old, provided by someone other than the Work-from-Home Eligible Employee during the Work-from-Home Eligible Employee’s working hours. If an otherwise Eligible Employee does not have Acceptable Childcare, that employee must use PTO for time during which Acceptable Childcare is not available.

6. Work-from-Home Eligible Employees who are working from home are expected to work as needed to meet customer and internal needs, but no less than the COMPANY’s Normal Business Hours of 8:30-5:30 with an hour for lunch.

7. Flexible Schedules are suspended during this period of time in order to ensure that we all can support one another during the same core work hours for right now.

8. Communication with Work-from-Home Eligible Employees will likely be easiest via mobile phone, Skype or conference call. Attached is a list of cell phone numbers for all employees that may be used for company business only. This list is confidential property of the company and may not be used for non-business purposes without permission from the employee and may not be shared with anyone outside of the company without prior written approval by [APPROVER NAME].

9. Any employees who come into the COMPANY office in order to do their jobs are expected to remain vigilant about reducing the risk of “community spread” by doing the following:

• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds no less often than hourly
• Remain at least six feet from one another at all times
• Avoid touching your face
• If you have to sneeze or cough, please do so into your elbow and not your hands
• Disinfect high traffic areas multiple times per day with the disinfecting wipes provided throughout the building
• Do not share food or drinks
• Do not come into work if you or a member of your household is sick or has traveled to a “hot spot”
• Do not travel via airplane or to large gatherings on company business until further notice

All Employees who themselves are—or who have members of their households who are—ill or who have visited “hot spots” within the past 14 days are required to stay home under self-quarantine for the 14 days following the later of (a) return from travel or (b) 48 hours following fever cessation of the Employee or household member.

Return to Work Following Illness
Any employee who ceases work due to illness must provide a doctor’s note clearing the employee to return to work. Without the doctor’s approval, no employee will be allowed to work.

PTO and Possible Shortfalls
Employees are expected to record PTO for non-working time during this Policy’s effective date. However, if an Employee does not have sufficient PTO available to cover non-working time for illness or time without Acceptable Childcare, the COMPANY will provide such employee with sufficient PTO to cover the otherwise unpaid period. This PTO will result in a negative balance for the employee which will be offset from future PTO accruals or deducted from the Employee’s final paycheck should the Employee leave the COMPANY’s employment prior to earning to a positive PTO balance. This portion of the policy may be adjusted at a future time depending on the length of the Policy’s effective time as well as the availability of various government programs that may apply.

Policy Effective Date
This policy is in place from 3/16/20 through 3/20/20 and may be extended beyond that based on the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus at the end of this period. Employees will be promptly notified of any modifications or extensions to the Policy.

Company Policy on Working from Home
Outside of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the COMPANY generally does not believe the Working from Home supports the Company’s long-term business interests. Nothing in this Policy is intended to provide Employees with Work-from-Home approval beyond the Policy Effective Date.

If you have questions or concerns, please address them to [CONTACT INFO].

Thank you for doing your part to keep one another and our larger community safe and healthy.


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