Want to Make Sure the Government Repays You for Leave Taken Under the FFCRA?

Apr 06 2020

We’ve had a lot of questions from our clients regarding how to help employees request time off under the covered guidelines of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). To make sure you get paid back by the government for time off given to employees, we’ve created a generic form that offers a quick overview of the information that employees must provide as documentation in order to be eligible for FFCRA leave. Share this worksheet with your employees and use it to help them determine if they qualify. You can customize it further based on your company’s brand and individual circumstances.

FFCRA Request Form

We’ve also included a new poster from the Department of Labor (DOL) which outlines the entitlements and benefits available to employees under the FFCRA. The DOL has mandated that all employers must have this poster placed in the workplace as of April 1, 2020. The poster should be located where you keep all of your other DOL posters and if you have employees working remotely, it should be sent out via email or posted to a site that everyone can access.  

DOL Poster

Peoplr and its employees are not lawyers, so nothing contained in this post should be interpreted as legal advice and you cannot rely solely on the information that we’ve shared nor hold us liable for anything we say that negatively impacts you and/or your employees. We’re sending this out early on, so please don’t be surprised if people smarter than us revise these interpretations or provide more detailed information. If you have questions or disagree with what we’ve written, please let us know! This is a crazy time and our goal is to provide the best information we understand—collaboration is always welcome!



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