How Outdated is Your Company’s PTO Policy?

Apr 27 2018

Time off is a huge perk, but it’s one that many people aren’t taking full advantage of. Why is this? Do we think we’re too busy? Do we feel guilty leaving our team with a heavier workload? Are we afraid someone will swoop in and take over our job? Or, are we just so used to being “plugged in” 24/7 that the idea of a true vacation seems so 20th century? Here are a few interesting bits of trivia around modern PTO plans:

1. The average number of PTO days given to U.S. employees ranges from 10 to 24.
Many employers award additional PTO days as an employee’s tenure with the company grows. This has previously been a reason for employees to stick around. However, the average job seeker now only stays in the same role for an average of 18 to 36 months. Employers are starting to update their PTO plans to reflect this, with many now offering closer to 15 days available from day one of employment.

2. The trend of combining PTO and sick leave is on the rise.
More employers are doing away with sick leave and adding it in to the total bank of PTO awarded to employees. Guess what? There has been a marked drop in unscheduled call-outs as a result.

3. Many new companies are offering company paid vacations.
Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to salary and time off, many companies are giving employees designated money for a vacation each year. Business owners are noticing that employees are happier, more productive, and more motivated when they unplug and get a proper break—and when they have something to look forward to, like a fun trip!

4. Floating Holidays are the new black.
Traditional “old school” holidays aren’t as inclusive as they used to be. If your office is typically closed on traditional religious or cultural holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Easter, etc.) remember that not everyone celebrates these holidays. Allowing employees to swap one company recognized holiday for another of their choosing is a considerate and more modern approach.

The war for top talent is at a high right now. In an environment where employees are changing jobs more frequently than ever before, encouraging your team to take time away from the office is a key part of reducing burnout and stress, and it will help make your organization one where people want to stick around!



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