The Votes Are In! The Best Place to Post a Job is…

Oct 12 2016

red white and blue question marksThe battle over top talent requires a little skill and finesse in order to emerge victorious. How and where to post your job is the first step in attracting great candidates. Making the wrong choice is a pretty costly mistake because you will have invested a substantial amount of time and money. One of the most common questions we’re asked by perfect strangers via our online chat function is: “Where is the best place to post a job?” Our answer is almost always the same:  

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is by far the best place to attract high quality candidates for jobs that require a high degree of experience, skill, and education. When is LinkedIn NOT the best place to post a job? When you’re looking to fill lower level, entry level, or labor intensive roles. Why you ask? Because these people don’t tend to use LinkedIn.

The first question you want to ask yourself is: what kind of role am I looking to fill? If you’re looking to hire a Marketing Manager, a CFO, a Director of HR, an Engineer, a Business Analyst, a Sales Manager, or pretty much anything in technology—LinkedIn will be your best bet.

If you’re looking for an accountant/bookkeeper, administrative assistant, general laborer, or someone fresh out of school—you might want to consider using another tool like Monster, CareerBuilder, or University Recruiting Boards. You can buy a posting or you can purchase a seat that will grant you access to search through their database of resumes—some universities will let you search for student resumes for free. Indeed is a cheaper option, but you have to invest your own time to do a keyword search for resumes that will line up with what you’re looking for and you may have trouble finding phone numbers for people you want to call.

If you’re looking to fill a role that requires a substantial amount of skill, education, training, and/or experience, LinkedIn is by far the best place to post a job because the caliber of candidates tends to be higher than most of the job boards and you’ll find a higher number of professionals who are actively employed.

Happy Hiring!


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