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Jan 23 2017


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Guest Blogger Guidelines
We’re looking for authors with a background in HR and other people in leadership roles who have a history of recruiting, screening, and hiring top talent. Our blogs aim to provide content rich information and simple, practical advice that helps small to medium sized businesses learn the “ins and outs” of recruiting and hiring.

Content & Technical Details
The sky’s the limit—almost. We’re always open to creative topics, but we have a few things that we’d like you to keep in mind when you’re writing for us:

1. Word Count: We try to keep our blogs relatively short. Our average is around 500 words. We’ll consider blogs that are as short as 400 words and as long as 650.

2. Tone: Our goal is to offer creative, practical advice that’s delivered in a positive, optimistic tone. Hiring can be stressful and we want to share information that is clear and useful, not overwhelming and complicated.  

3. Content: Our blogs are addressed to people in leadership roles who have authority to make decisions. Some of our clients have in-house HR and/or recruiting teams, and some don’t. Our language and writing style tend to be more conversational because we believe this kind of communication is easier to consume. We try not to “preach” or use pretentious language.

4. Off-Limits: We never use our blogs to plug our own services or the services of someone else. In other words, we don’t use our blogs to sell. We use them to share expertise and our goal is to be seen as a resource for employers in all industries.

If you have an idea, we’d love to consider it! Please direct all blog submissions to:

Pamela Owens
[email protected]


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