What’s Your Hook?

Jan 26 2017

Ice Cream ConeUnless you’re Google, selling candidates on working for your company probably takes a little thought. We find that many companies are great at selling their products and services, but they’re not so great at selling themselves! If you’re in a leadership role and you can’t quickly verbalize at least 3 reasons why your company is great to work for, you’re missing a critical piece of the hiring puzzle. Need some help? Ask yourself these questions to help you uncover areas that make you better, and different from your competitors:

1. What are our core values?

2. How do we define our office/company culture? What makes our team amazing? 

3. Are we paying more, less, or the same as other companies who hire for the same role?

4. How do our benefits compare to other companies in our industry? 

5. How does our key product or service compare to others in the market?

6. How does our turnover rate compare to the national average? What keeps our top people around?

7. How do we rank technologically? Are we on the cutting edge?

8. What percentage of our employees advance?

9. What does our online reputation look like?

10. Why is the work we are doing important?

Whether you’re trying to convince a senior level candidate to join your team, or you’re at a career fair looking for strong entry-level employees, your “hook” is a critical part of hiring. People need to feel your enthusiasm and understand why you’re passionate about what you do. If you can convey this successfully you’ll have a much easier time recruiting talented people to join your team.


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