Writing Job Descriptions that Get Results

Jan 20 2017

empty waiting roomIf you’re struggling to get people to apply to your job, there are a few easy steps you can take to improve your rate of return. Job descriptions that get results usually do a great job at inspiring applicants, offering a desirable opportunity, and demonstrating why your company is amazing. You have to make people excited about working for you! When your passion and enthusiasm come through, so do applications. Here are 4 tips to help you jazz up your current job descriptions:

1. Interview Your Employees
You may or may not be aware of the reasons why your existing employees are sticking around. If you’re not, it’s time to find out! Pick a few of your top performers and interview them about what they like most about their jobs—and about working for your company. This will give you some creative things to highlight and the things that your star employees love will resonate with other strong applicants.

2. Make it Personal, Smart, and Fun
Use language that is conversational but smart. We live in a world full of informal communication. People are used to seeing this and they want to work for companies who communicate this way. This is the difference between saying, “Experience with multi-line phones and calendar management preferred” and “Proven ability to dazzle customers over the phone and keep our executive team organized when their calendars are crazy.”

3. Make it Sound Competitive
People like feeling that they’re part of an elite group. Taking this into consideration is an important part of recruiting stellar applicants. You’re a special company and you don’t hire just anyone…you hire the best!

4. Talk About Opportunities for Growth
Everyone is looking for career growth. If you don’t mention this or hesitate when asked about it, candidates become nervous. Growth opportunities are always present for the right person and this is a much more inspiring message to send. If you find a truly stellar candidate who takes the job and runs with it, the possibilities are endless!

Creative and inspiring job descriptions take effort to compose, but it’s time well spent. Aim to appeal to candidates with specific, interesting skills regardless of whether you’re looking for an administrative assistant or a Java developer. If your enthusiasm for your company and your passion for your work come through in the job description, so will the applications.



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